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United Earths Coalition (UEC)

Government Group

Date Established:

July 9th, 2432

Years in Operation:

Command Structure:


A board oversees major decisions, while an elected official manages daily operations.

Associated Parties:

Sagittarius Defense & Expansion Collective (SDEC), [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED]

United Earths Coalition (UEC)

Founded in the early 25th century, the United Earth Coalition (UEC) stands as a powerful interstellar entity, wholly dedicated to fortifying and safeguarding humanity's known realms. While the SDEC follows a democratic system, the UEC functions more like a cooperative, a collective of individuals collaborating for shared goals, without a single dominant leadership.


Their mission? To ensure the stability and protection of their territories, all the while advocating for Earth and its inhabitants. This collaborative approach might make them seem flexible, but it’s their unyielding commitment to their principles that has secured their reputation for maintaining order and safety.

Birth & Rise

The dawn of the 25th century brought with it both wonder and complexity. As humanity extended its reach into the vastness of space, the United Earths Coalition (UEC) emerged as a beacon of unity and purpose. This interstellar consortium, representing a multitude of Earth-like planets, was a testament to collective ambition. Distinct from the traditionalist democratic mechanisms of the SDEC, the UEC was structured as a cooperative, uniting voices from diverse planetary realms without the dictates of a singular, centralized leadership.

The name "United Earths Coalition" wasn't merely symbolic—it encapsulated an expansive vision: a coalition that sought to weave an intricate network amongst various Earth-like planets, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and mutual growth. Their overriding goal was not just about individual progress, but to ensure each of these territories formed interconnected hubs of stability and advancement.

Initially, the UEC and SDEC operated in close collaboration. Their early years saw a partnership rooted in mutual trust and shared objectives. Together, they worked to harmonize strategies, combining resources and expertise to champion humanity's broader cause throughout the galaxy. However, as the cosmos evolved and challenges diversified, differences in their foundational objectives and approaches became evident. The UEC, with its core philosophy of interconnecting and strengthening Earth-like planets, found itself occasionally at odds with the singular vision of the SDEC. Over time, this led to their paths diverging, each entity adopting strategies they deemed best for their distinct missions


Despite the eventual parting of ways, the UEC's vision remained undeterred. Renowned for their adaptability, they consistently demonstrated an ability to navigate challenges, all the while upholding an inclusive decision-making process. This approach, where every significant member had a voice in defining the course, underlined the UEC’s foundational belief in a transparent and collective governance.

Functioning without a definitive head, the UEC operated as a synergy of its member planets, each contributing to the coalition’s overarching vision and objectives. Their unwavering belief centered on a simple yet profound notion: that the collaborative essence of the Earths was humanity’s key to a brighter, interconnected future in the cosmic expanse.

With its official establishment on July 9th, 2432, the UEC didn't just mark the birth of an organization; it heralded a hope. A hope where Earth-like worlds, despite their unique challenges and histories, could collaboratively chart a course towards a unified destiny amidst the stars.

Current Trends

Since the inception of the United Earths Coalition (UEC) in the 25th century, the group had successfully established strongholds across various Earth-like planets, securing humanity's position amidst a sprawling cosmic tapestry. However, recent times have posed unforeseen challenges that have prompted many to question the UEC's once-unshakeable influence.

The most alarming among these developments has been the sudden blackout of the UEC's primary stronghold on Earth. While communications and activities have come to an unexpected halt on our home planet, their operations elsewhere continue to thrive. The resilience and adaptability that the UEC was once renowned for seem to remain intact, at least in these outer sectors.

Historians often trace the root of some of the UEC's contemporary challenges back to a significant event known as "The Divide." This watershed moment marked a defining schism between the UEC and the SDEC. While they initially operated in tandem, nurturing a partnership grounded in mutual trust, the differences in their visions and methods became too vast to bridge, leading them to walk separate paths.

The UEC's unique cooperative structure, once seen as an epitome of inclusive governance, has lately become its Achilles' heel. Certain sectors within the organization have shown disturbing signs of corruption, perhaps an inevitable fallout of an extensive, decentralized system. These instances of misconduct, while localized, have begun to tarnish the reputation of the UEC as a whole.

The situation is further complicated by growing suspicions from the SDEC. Intelligence reports from the SDEC hint at potential alliances between certain factions within the UEC and a notoriously elusive group known only as [REDACTED]. This shadowy organization, renowned for its ability to operate undetected, has only been whispered about in the darker corners of intergalactic politics. The mere hint of their involvement with the UEC has sent ripples of concern across all spheres of power.

As the cosmic arena stands now, the UEC is at a crossroads. The once-lauded coalition, representing humanity's aspiration for unity among the stars, now faces internal and external challenges that could redefine its place in the interstellar community. Whether they will rise to confront these adversities or succumb to them remains a matter of intense speculation and concern.

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