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Taming The Beast

          As Kara fell time seemed to slow to a near crawl. She could feel the wind whipping past her, tossing her golden hair about. An overwhelming sense of peace filled Kara as she seeming floated to the pond below, filling her mind with the idea that everything would be okay in the end.

          As Kara slowly slipped into the pond, she felt the water seeping into the armor, caressing her body. The crisp coldness of the water shocked Kara's mind back into working at full speed as she sank deeper into the pond. Kara struggled to reach the surface, thrashing about and reaching for the sunlight beyond the water's edge. She watched as everything slowly darkened, the heavy armor dragging her down to the ponds murky bottom. Her lungs began to burn for oxygen.
          Faintly, she heard a splash as her eyes closed. Kara hit the bottom, her armor sinking into the murk below. Suddenly, she felt herself being pulled upwards before her world faded to complete darkness.



          Kara heard muffled talking. The world was still dark, and she still felt a slight burning in her lungs, but she could breathe. Good god she could breathe again. Slowly, Kara opened her eyes.
          “Kara! Are you okay?!” Shouted the messenger boy, who stood above her.
          She sat up slowly, looking at him. “Yes, I am fine. What happened?”
         “The dragon knocked you off and you fell into the great pond! I guess your armor was too heavy though, because I had to go in and save you.” It was then that she noticed he was completely soaked, head to toe. Even his satchel was ladened down with water.
          Kara looked up to watch the dragon fly off into the distance, having not gone far yet. “Thank you for your help…”


          “What?” She replied.

          “My name is Toby.”

          “Well, thank you much for saving me Mr.Toby. I must be off now before the beast gets far.” Kara peered around for skips, who wasn't too far off. She whistled for him and he started towards her. Kara hugged Toby. “Thank you again.”
          Skips arrived and Kara hopped on. With that, they took off in the same direction of the dragon, leaving the messenger with the taste of dust in his mouth.




          Kara followed the dragon for days, defending the villages she could on her way. The dragon had gained many injuries during her quest to banish it from the land and appeared to be heading back towards its hiding place. People all across the land remarked upon the little warriors dedication to making the beast disappear and those that could helped her along the way with food and water.

          After 5 days of travel, they finally arrived at Mt.Dolbus, where the dragon had taken residence. Kara started to establish her base camp at the bottom of the mountain. Using debris from around, she built a small hut that she could sleep in. Later on, Kara went out to hunt dinner for herself and obtain some food for Skips. Soon enough, she had caught herself a sizable meal and gathered enough to feed skips for days.

          Kara relaxed next to her small fire, roasting the rabbits she had caught earlier. She felt her eyelids getting heavy as the past few days of travel caught up with her. She let her eyes close for a moment, letting her mind slip away into deep sleep.

          Much later, Kara was awoken to the sound of snapping branches and the cursing of an unknown person. She stood, readying her sword in the direction of the disturbance. From a particularly thick bush, Toby appeared, breathless and covered head to toe in scratches and spiderwebs. Kara lowered her sword.
          “Making a habit of stalking me now, are you?” She said sarcastically.
          “I… I forgot to mention.... Mention earlier that the king.... The king wanted me to help you with your quest” Gasped Toby.
          “Well, There’s not a lot that you can do to help” Kara said dismissively.

          “Sure there is!” Toby said, trying to catch his breath. “Maybe I can help plan for the dragon.”
          “I’m not really sure you can…” Kara said, sitting on a nearby log. Toby took a seat as well. “It’s a fairly large beast. I’m not even sure if I have the skills to deal with it, but I’m still going to try.”
          “If you’re going to try, why can’t I?” Toby said defiantly.

          “Because I have been doing this since I was little!” Kara shouted, growing slightly angry. “It takes years of practice to be a warrior, and we don’t have time for lessons now!”

          Toby stared at the ground for a few minutes, thinking. “What if… I watched your back? You could go search it’s cave and I can wait outside and stand watch.”
          She thought for a moment, pondering the need for Toby’s help. “I suppose that could work. It would give me time to hide at least.”
          “Sounds like a plan then!” Toby said happily.
          “I guess it does… Now lets go to sleep, we’ll need our energy tomorrow.” Kara laid down in her makeshift hut and closed her eyes. Toby laid beside the fire and did the same. Together, they both drifted off into a world where their problems were nonexistent.




          At the crack of dawn the following day, Kara awoke Toby with a hard shove in the side. “Get up! I just saw the dragon leave it’s nest! I know where it’s cave is now!” She exclaimed excitedly.

          “That’s great!” He shot to his feet and stretched, then started gathering his gear. Kara got skips ready to go and hopped on his back, scooching up so that Toby could sit behind her. He hopped on and they took off towards the direction of the dragons cave.

          When they arrived, Kara noticed an absurd amount of animal bones laying about. The duo hopped off Skips and started wandering around the caves entrance.  Kara also noticed a few sets of warriors armor laying around, blacked and charred by the dragons fiery breath. She shuddered, imaging what would happen to her if she didn't win the fight with the dragon.
          “Guess I’m not the only fearless warrior…” She muttered to herself.

          “It it appears not…” Toby stated, frowning slightly.

          With that, Kara headed into the depths of the cave, leaving Toby to stand guard. She moved slowly, as to not make a bunch of noise in case there was more than one dragon. The debris from the dragons previous meals thickened as she went deeper into the cave. Soon it was hard to see the ground beneath her. It was clear the dragon had been here for a while.

          After what felt like ages, Kara finally found the dragons nest, noticing 3 eggs that had been laid by the dragon. She picks one up to look at it a little closer, noticing a few very thin cracks along the shell. Just then, Toby ran in screaming, “It’s coming back! Kara! The dragon is coming back!"
          “Calm down!” Kara shouted, putting the egg back where it was and grabbing Toby by the collar.              “We can’t let it hear us!” She pulled Toby behind a rock that was barely big enough to hide the two of them. Kara put her finger to her lips “Shhhhhh!” She said.

          The ground rumbled as the dragon landed outside. They could hear it making its way into the cave. Once it arrived in the main nest area, it circled around and laid next to the eggs, pulling them in close to its belly. It groaned contently as it’s eyes closed halfway. Kara chose that moment to peak around the rock, locking eyes with the beast.

          It’s gaze narrowed as it focused in on Kara. She was surprised at the array of emotion that flashed across its face. First confusion, then alarm and finally rage. It let out a thunderous roar is it sprang to its feet.

          “Run!” Kara screams, taking off towards the cave exit. Toby wasn't far behind. In the process of scrambling over the numerous animal bones, he lost his footing and fell. Kara looked back to see the dragon was hot on their tail. She grabbed Toby by the collar and started dragging him towards the exit. Once they are outside, she lets go and hands him a sword. “Swish, swish, stab” is all she says and she readies herself for battle.

          Toby stood and readied his sword, the blade shaking noticabally. Just then, the dragon burst from the cave, creating a huge gust of wind that took Kara off her feet. It took off towards the skies and started to circle over head. Toby helped the little warrior to her feet.
          Kara readied her bow and notched an arrow, aiming at the dragon above. The dragon rounded back and she let and arrow fly, hitting the beast directly on the nose. It bellows it’s pain and douses the ground in a brilliant display of fire. Kara and Toby moved quickly to avoid getting burned by the dragons breath.

          The beast landed a short distance from the duo and swipes at them with its tail. They both duck and roll out of the way. Once Kara was on her feet again, she began charging the dragon. It swung at her again, this time knocking her off her feet and sending her flying. It roars triumphantly and rears it’s head. It lowered it’s head once more and took a step towards the little warrior.
          “Why must you all come here and disturb my peace?!” The dragon roared at her. “I am just trying to live as you are!”
          Kara stands and readies her sword yet again, slightly dazed from her previous hit. “Why are you here?! If we disturb you so much, why not leave?”
          “It is the same everywhere. I desire peace, as I imagine you do as well.”
          “Yes, that is why I am here; to take care of you. You have caused a considerable amount of damage and disturbed the peace of many towns.”
          “All in the name of trying to make friends…” The dragon said sadly. Kara lowered her sword and looked over at Toby.
          “Is that what you are after?” Kara asked the dragon, looking back over.
          "Yes...” The dragon said, sheepishly.

          “Well… We can be your friends” Kara offered. The dragon's eyes lit up.


          “Most certainly” Chimed in Toby. “I always wanted a giant beastie friend!”
          Kara elbowed him. “Yes, we are more than happy to be your friends if you stop terrorizing the villages and kingdom of Nu Dour.”
          The dragon nodded eagerly. “Most certainly!”

          The little warrior put away her sword. “So we have a deal then!” Kara approached the dragon and offered her hand. The beast pulled her in for a hug, making a sound that could only be attributed to excitement.
          Kara wriggled free, gasping slightly. “Glad… To make you happy…”

          Toby chuckled. “We should… Probably head back to tell the king.”
          “I can give you a ride!” The dragon exclaimed excitedly.

          “Deal” Kara and Toby said in unison. With that, they gathered there gear and started off in the direction of the castle.




          Kara, Toby and Skips all rode on the dragons back to the kingdom, watching the landscape fly past them. As they approached the kingdom, the townspeople screamed and scattered, fearing it was yet another dragon attack. The dragon made it it’s way towards the castle gates and landed in front. Kara stood atop the dragons head.
          “King Nu Dour! I have completed your request and tamed the beast that terrorized so many! Come forth to see the victory!” Kara shouted excitedly. The king came out, standing atop one of his tallest turrets on the castle.

          “Very well done!” Shouted the king, looking taken aback by the sight of the beast. “But why is it still here?”
          “It was on the quest of friendship, and we have helped it succeed in that. Everyone is a friend to this dragon… Which we shall name Alexa!”
          “Oh gee… I've not had a name before” said the dragon. “It’s quite nice.”
          “Alexa, thank you kindly for making peace with us! I am sure we can live together happily!” Shouted the king, joy filling his face.

          Kara hopped off Alexa and mounted skips. “I am glad things are returning to normal, but I have a meal awaiting my arrival at home!” She said.
          “Very well,” Said the king. “Thank you for your services Kara, they are much appreciated.” She nodded and started off in the direction of home, excited to have her long awaited stew.



         "Aaannnnd I'll tell you what happens tomorrow night sweetheart. You sleep well." Kara's father tucked her sleeping self into bed and kissed her forehead. "Love you my Little Warrior."


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