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         Darkness Beyond Living is a philosophical animation series focused on a being who lives forever and passes from universe to universe, fixing issues in the time-lines. He spends a lot of time reflecting on humanity and pieces of work from great philosophers of our time. Most of the animation is using these pieces to depict a scene or a time-line that the Immortal one is dealing with. Some of the timelines will reflect real life events, such as World War II, the civil war and more.

         The immortal one is a tall cloaked figure. When his hood is removed, his face is all mangled; Eyes, mouth, nose, ears all scarred or sewn shut (I know, it's a gross depiction, but think ancient being who has been fixing time-line errors for tens of thousands of years). His hands are no better, all scarred and gashed. He has 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand. His cloak is long and tattered, coated in the years of dust that he has traveled through. If you wanna learn more, click the button to read his story!


Chapter 1: Mind

This chapter is about the human mind and how it works to some degree. Click to join the immortal one on his philosophical journey!

Chapter 2: Head Space

January 01, 2020

Follow the immortal one as he ponders what the last moments of ones life are like. Click the button to read more!

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