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The immortal one floated through his kingdom of nothingness, consumed by all the thoughts that had once lay dormant in his mind. He moved too and fro, stroking his featureless face and pondering what it was that bugged him so. 

From the nothingness, thoughts transformed to red and blue color waves that danced around the figures body, caressing his robe and entwining itself among his hood. Soon green and violet waves joined, dancing outwardly to create vivid depictions of a meadow scene and several figures standing around it. 

The immortal one let his thoughts wander through this scene, setting into motion the action of the figures. He joined to lurk in the shadows and watch. 

The nothingness that had once been, faded into the scene as the color trails wandered off to outline the odd figures in the meadow. They seemed to move in dancing motion, swaying back and forth. Emanating a low groan from deep in their diaphragm. The immortal one watched as things played out.
The one lit in red moved closer to the one in green, moving slowly but aggressively. It's low groan was seeming to get louder as the wind moved around it; jostling the leaves on the ground. It stopped inches from the other, using the force of air to knock the green figure down. It stood over it, roaring triumphantly.

Meanwhile, the figure outlined in violet moved to where the red one had been standing moments before. It picked something up and put it into a pouch that had gone unoticed. 
A low rhythmic tune began to rise in volume and the scene continued to play out in front of the immortal one. The red one whirled around and made the same aggressive slow motion move towards the violet figure. The violet figure howled and tried to move out of the way, but was still knocked down by the blast of slow wind that rush over it. The red figure extended an appendage downward and picked up what the purple figure had taken. It groaned and began wailing upon the violet figure.

At this time, the one that had remained still this through this, sprung into action. The blue figure bolted over and grabbed the appendage that was wailing down blows upon the violet outline. It picked up the red outlined figure and tossed him to the ground as if it were paper.

Slowly, the red figure fell, leaving behind traces of red in the air. Wisps of smokey blue began wrapping around it, forming a cloud beneath. After what felt like ages, the red figure fell into the cushion of blue and vanished.

The blue figure extended it's wisps towards the violet and green figure's, who both accepted the offer of assistance.


It was at this point that the immortal one chose to offer his incites.

I see that there was disturbance from nothing, made by a slow moving motion that cause some to crumble. 

Then there was you, the one to take back what was theirs, only having asked at slightly louder than a mumble.


Neither to fear,

as to stay calm and collected

will help the answers appear.


Never dwell on your own, what others can assist in

Asking for help has never once been a sin

So stand, higher now that you have been moved away from the sweeping anger.

No longer now will you have to fear, because control has you away from danger.

And with that, the scene faded back to the the kingdom of nothingness and the immortal one went back to pondering more of life's great thoughts.


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