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Sagittarius Defense & Expansion Collective (SDEC)

Government Group

Date Established:

October 12, 2376

Years in Operation:

Command Structure:


A board oversees major decisions, while an elected official manages daily operations.

Associated Parties:

United Earths Coalition, [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED]

Sagittarius Defense & Expansion Collective (SDEC)

The Sagittarius Defense & Expansion Collective (SDEC) emerged in the late 24th century as a formidable interstellar entity, dedicated to extending humanity's galactic footprint through harmonious measures. At its helm is Dr. Si Lone, a renowned diplomat, celebrated for her prowess in fostering robust ties with diverse species and intergalactic governments.

Championing the exploration of new realms and colonization, the SDEC stands as a beacon of peace and collaboration. Their dedication lies not just in human expansion but in cultivating a cohesive and united interstellar society by forging alliances with various species and administrations.

Birth & Rise

 In the vast tableau of interstellar politics, two gargantuan forces – the Sagittarius Defense & Expansion Collective (SDEC) and the United Earth Coalition (UEC) – emerge as predominant players, their intertwined histories a saga of ambition, exploration, and ideological divergence.

October 12, 2376, is indelibly marked in the annals of human history. On this day, the SDEC was birthed, catalyzing a paradigm shift in humanity's approach to space exploration. The essence of this organization lay in venturing beyond Earth, a pursuit inspired by the contact with The Collection, an advanced and enigmatic alien race. This celestial encounter invigorated a dormant human spirit, propelling us to reach into the farthest corners of the galaxy.

The SDEC's origin, rooted in unity, saw various Earth nations congregating under a singular banner. Pooling resources, technological prowess, and shared aspirations, they paved the path for an interstellar renaissance. As their prominence grew, various extraterrestrial civilizations, intrigued by the SDEC's principles and mission, joined their ranks, enhancing their capabilities manifold.

However, the shimmering star of unity wasn't destined to shine indefinitely. The year 2736 stands out starkly in this intertwined narrative, symbolizing "The Main Divide". It was a time when the foundational rifts between the SDEC’s universalist vision and the UEC's Earth-centric approach grew insurmountable. Tensions over territorial ambitions, resource allocations, and governing philosophies culminated, bifurcating their once-shared journey.

While the echoes of this divide still resonate across the cosmos, the SDEC remains undeterred in its commitment to its foundational pillars: peace, cooperation, and boundless curiosity. Their expansive initiatives, reaching out to diverse cosmic entities, aim to cultivate relationships built on mutual respect and shared goals.

Guiding the SDEC through these celestial winds is the visionary Dr. Si Lone. Her astute leadership, combined with a relentless drive, ensures the SDEC retains its integrity even when faced with galactic complexities. Under her aegis, the SDEC is not merely a space-faring institution; it's a luminous testament to the collaborative spirit of diverse beings converging around a universal dream.

Current Trends

In the grand arc of interstellar history, the SDEC, originally founded in 2376, remains a shining beacon of humanity's ambitions in the vast expanse of space. Now, as the universe unveils the mysteries of 2778, the Collective finds itself balancing the tightrope of diplomacy, exploration, and unexpected challenges.

At the forefront of SDEC's focus is its unwavering commitment to its allies. The partnership with the [REDACTED] has blossomed into a deep-rooted collaboration, marked by shared visions, combined resources, and intricate strategizing. Simultaneously, the recent engagements with the [REDACTED] are opening new avenues for co-operation, hinting at the possibility of groundbreaking joint missions that could redefine our understanding of the universe.

The benefits of these alliances aren't merely abstract. They manifest in tangible joint endeavors, whether it be expeditions to uncharted cosmic territories or pioneering research endeavors that meld the best of both worlds. Together, the collective might of the SDEC and its allies are writing new chapters in the annals of space exploration.


Yet, in the midst of this interstellar camaraderie, there's an unsettling shadow. Communications with Earth, the cradle of humanity and the SDEC's central hub, have become sporadic, bordering on non-existent. The implications of this silence are vast and troubling. Coupled with the mysterious loss of contact with seasoned explorers Tamel, Jay, and Jojo, the SDEC is thrust into an enigma that extends far beyond their previous encounters.

Navigating these tumultuous waters, the Collective remains steadfast. Every signal, be it from allies or the eerie silence from familiar quarters, serves as a guidepost. The SDEC, with its centuries of experience and dedication, is resolute in its quest to unravel these mysteries, further cementing its legacy as a sentinel of humanity in the great cosmic dance.

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