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Some view technology as a great evil that slowly diminishes our humanity, while others view it as a way to bring the world closer together and to help solve some of our greatest challenges. I say technology is both the best and the worst thing to have happened to mankind.



2345AD- 2381AD


          The skies darkened overhead as the storm clouds rolled in. Lightning struck near by, illuminating ruins of a once occupied city. Jay always wondered what it looked like with people in it, but the extent of his memory from before had since been erased. Dr.Aders told him it was to protect his innocence, but lately Jay was starting to wonder.

          It started not long ago, when they went off in search of more power banks. The android wasn't sure what the doctor was using them for, but it wasn't his function to understand Aders intentions. Technically, Jay was only a companion bot, only to do what he was told and never ask questions.

          They went off into the desolate city to find their prize. Jay analyzed the area, scanning the decrepit buildings, burned cars and the bones. Ah yes, the bones. Everywhere Jay looked there were bones. From what he had heard, this place had once been called “New York” and these bones belonged to “People”. 

         Then things went… Bad. Technology took over, but not in a singularity way. People grew lazier and lazier as tech improved life standards. Taking over simple things like walking the dog, taking out the trash, drinking their own coffee… Dr. Aders said he had to do something about it, be he never explained what he really meant. Jay looked around as they made their way deeper into the city, pondering the situations in which lead to this… Mass homicide.

          “Jay, here!” shouted Aders from a particularly crushed building. Jay followed his command and followed Aders inside the part of the building that was still standing. Aders looked around, appearing to be searching for something. “Jay, scan the area for a control console. I need access to the cities database.”
          Jay activated his scanners and looked around, noticing some communications wire embedded in the wall. Jay proceeded to follow the cables to the back of the building, where it lead to a small square room. The space was pitch black, but that didn’t stop Jay from finding what Aders was after. “Sir, I have located the command console for the cities sub system analysis database.”

          “Jay, login to this console. Let’s see if it still works.” Jay plugged in, a loading screen popping out from his holographic eye.

          Just then a mechanical voice came over the intercom. “Thank you for choosing NYC’s central city server for all your data needs!” A loading bar appeared beneath the screen, displaying that it was a 9% load.

          Aders became frustrated, “Ugh, why is this damn thing taking so long?!” he screamed, kicking the console.

          “Perhaps, sir, it is due to the low amount of available power for the system. It cannot process the data at the speed we need without a substantial amount of power available. Or, perhaps, it has been a time since it was last accessed. I am unsure.”

          The loading screen moved to 25% loaded. Aders grew an even more annoyed expression. “Well then, tell me when the system was last accessed.”
          Jays subroutines kicked in and accessed the data he was looking for. He projected his findings through his eye:

          Power level: 12% capacity

          Data Corrupt: 45% corruption (Recommend system reset)

          Systems online: 14,567 systems are online. 502,441 systems are offline. (Recommend system restart)

          Date of Last access: 04/22/2380

          Aders paled slightly. “That’s less than 2 weeks ago…” He readied his weapon and stood facing the door. “We need to make this quick. How much more loading time?”

          “An estimated 2 minutes to load city maps and mechanical controls, sir.”

          “Argh! We need to hurry! Jay, divert 50% of your power to the console.”

          “Okay sir.” Jay did as instructed, his own capability to function dwindling slightly. “An estimated 45 seconds until complete load, Aders.”

          The doctor remained silent, focusing on the door and the images Jay was displaying. The server finally loaded and Jay began the process of downloading all the information that Aders had requested, as well as some he viewed as important. Aders smirked slightly and motioned to leave “Come on, let's go. I have the feeling we’ll be getting some visitors.”
          Jay followed behind as the doctor rushed outside, pressing a button on his wrist. A faint blue light appeared from the device as a small screen materialized. “Ship active, find location.” Aders said, speaking to the device before readying his weapon. “Jay, activate program 42.”
          He did as instructed, reaching for the the rifle that appeared from his back. Jay raised the gun, readying to fire in case needed. As he did, he took the time to scan the local area, looking for anything that would be of use.

          “Sir, I have located a storage facility 6.87km away. I highly recommend that we head towards these coordinates for resupply.” The android projected a map with the coordinates on the ground outside.

          “When the ship gets here, take us there.” Aders instructed, looking down on the map. Jay continued to scan the local area for anything that could be of use. Faintly, they registered the sound of the ships engines in the distance, as well as thunder from the brewing storm. “Jay, estimated eta of the ship.”

          “Approximately 6 minutes and 34 seconds.” Jay stated, just as lightning struck a nearby tower. Six figures stood near the bottom, looking as if they were readying their firearms. The adroids scanners went berserk as he possessed this. “Aders, it appears that we are not alo-.” As he was speaking the final word the sound of a rifle firing cut him off. The bullet struck the wall behind Aders, who abruptly ducked and ran to cover. Jay did the same.

          As they both hid, the only thing that could be heard was the storm above. Jay peered out from behind the wall as another shot rang out into the night.

          “Fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Aders shouted. “We should have left without the data! Jay, return fire!”

Jay did so, activating his night-vision at the same time. He steadied the rifle and took aim at one of the figures. The figure was laid prone, holding a sniper rifle aimed at their direction. Through the scope of the gun, Jay registered that this was human. “Aders, it appears to be humans. Should I still fire upon them?”

          “I know it’s god damn humans! Just kill them already!” Aders screamed, readying his rifle and firing a few shots in the direction of the group.

          Jay took his first shot, sending a titanium bullet through the skull of his target. He swung his gun to another, this one standing and clearly female. Steadying his aim, the android fired again, this time sending a bullet through his targets heart. Jay continued the process, slowly eliminating the group of people. Aders hid behind the rock while the android lay waste to them. It didn't seem to matter how deadly his shot was as it more seemed to be appearing from everywhere, slowly surrounding the duo.                “Jay! Eta for ship arrival!” Screamed Aders.

          “Approximately 52 seconds.” Jay stated as he fired off a few more rounds into the growing mass of humans.

          Aders cursed under his breath. Just then, three people appeared from behind them. Aders fired his weapon randomly as Jay swung around to take aim. One of the group managed to get a shot off before Jay ended him, hitting the doctor in the leg. After the three were dead, Aders screamed in agony from his wound.

          Jay went back to firing at the others, who had grown quite close at this point. “Ship arrival in 5 seconds sir.” he said, as the roaring of it’s engines came from nearby. Aders tried to stand, and Jay assisted him.

          “Engaging ships automatic defenses.” Said the android. The sound of a massive machine gun could be heard nearby as the ship began clearing the landing zone.

          Jay carried Aders out from behind the wall and began making his way towards the ship. He noticed that there was a considerably large amount of dead bodies around, all human. Jay pushed the thought aside as they reached the ship. The bottom of it swung open and the duo boarded, a couple of bullets striking near them. Once they were inside, the hatch began to swing shut. Jay looked out to the battle scene they had just left. He watched as a tall shadowy figure stood to watch the ship depart.

          The engines roared, propelling the doctor and Jay away from danger once again. Why did they come after us? Jay wondered. Was that all a trap? Perhaps Aders will know. The ship jostled about as the ship was tossed in the storm. Jay set the coordinates for the storage facility and the ship started off in that direction he then saw to the doctors injuries.

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