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Escape Too Late

          Jay tended to the doctors wounds, digging out the bullet and using biofoam to heal the deeper damage. Aders grimaced through the entire process, wincing when Jay began to stitch up the surface damage. As he was doing this, Jay found himself thinking back to the battle before, thinking of the figure that had watched them leave.

          He began to wonder what had caused it and why the other humans were after them. Who were they anyways? Enemies? The android was under the impression that humans were all allies, but Aders orders contradicted his base programming. He had no choice but to listen to what the doctor told him to do. Jay decided to ask Aders about the group that attacked them.

          “Sir, do you know who they were? Those other humans I’m meaning.”

          Aders scowled “It doesn’t matter, you don’t need to know.”

          “Why is that?” Pondered the android.

          “Shut up!” Aders screamed. “I order you to not ask further questions!”

          Jay complied, ceasing his thought stream and looking over at the NAV screen. It appeared that they were nearing their destination, only 3km away. Jay wondered if they would be attacked at this location as well as he looked out the window. He sat back in his seat and watched as the landscape flew by under them.

          As they got closer, the landscape began to look less damaged than where they just were. Jay noticed small pockets of power in the city below them, scattered few and far between. He also noticed what appeared to be the last standing skyscraper. It appeared as if there were lights on all scattered throughout the large building.

          The android decided to scan it to see if his sensors could pick anything up. Jays radar lit up with signs of human life scattered all throughout the building. There must have been hundreds in there, spanning the entirety of it. He figured they wouldn't become a threat and dismissed the idea of alerting Aders of his findings. As the ship got closer to the skyscraper, he could see people looking out and watching the ship as it passed by.

          He looked over to the NAV screen again, noticing they were less than 1km from their destination.

          “Sir, we are nearing the storage facility.”

          “Great.” Was all the doctor said as he put away the weapon he was carrying in exchange for a lithium shotgun, grabbing an extra power core for it in the process. “Let’s not take any chances here. This one might have what I’m actually looking for.”

          “Understood.” Jay said, not satisfied with Aders choice of decisions. He remained silent however, switching over to high alert mode. Reaching for the ships controls, the android engaged the ships landing protocol. It came to a gentle landing only a few steps from the facility. It appeared, for the most part, to be untouched by the war that had raged years before. “It appears to have not been bothered for quite some time. This is a good sign.” Jay stated.

          The ships landing doors opened slowly and Aders cautiously exited the vehicle. He scanned the area quickly and motioned for Jay to follow. “Looks clear, lets do this.” said the doctor. The android exited the ship, scanning for the command console that would open the facility. The ships doors closed quietly behind them.

          Jay approached the console he had located and tapped in. After a few moments, he managed to get the door unlocked. It began to open slowly, making a horrendous metal on metal sound before it got stuck.

          “Jay, use your cutter to make an access point.” Instructed the doctor. Jay did so, a laser cutter forming from his arm. This was one of the additions Aders had given him that he absolutely loved. Using this tool, the android began to cut an opening in the door big enough for a car to pass though.

          The android walked in first, using his holographic eye to light the way as the building had limited power. He noticed that the place was still packed with rations including food, clean water, clothing, weapons and more. Out of the corner of his eye, Jay caught the rare sight of the doctor actually smiling.

          “Scan for electronics and power sources.” Commanded the doctor, nearly jumping out of his skin with excitement. Jay does so, following the faint traces of electronic signals to another door. He attempted to open the door with the keypad, but it didn't seem to have power. “Just cut through it damn it! I made you to be smarter than this!”

          The android was starting to resent the doctors existence in his world. While Jay was opening the door, Aders began to fill the ship with the other supplies from the building, grabbing as much as he could in way of food, water and clothing. The android finished his task, finding a small spiral staircase that disappeared below. Darkness seemed to be consuming all the light that his holographic eye produced.

          “Sir, I have access this door. Proceeding downwards.”

          “Wait for me!” Aders shouted, pushing past Jay and disappearing into the gloom below. He followed the doctor down, switching to night vision. Once they had reached the bottom, he noticed a small alcove that was for an emergency power core.

          Jay removed one of his 3 and slipped it into the holder. The lights flickered on, illuminating the room. He deactivated his night vision and looked around. It appeared as though they had found the mother-load of technology. There were motherboards, server stations, companion units, power cores and so much more. Aders was salivating at the sight, seeming to vibrate with excitement.

          “Well, what are you waiting for? Start loading the ship!” The doctor shouted, bouncing from place to place, picking up the particular pieces he needed for his mystery project. Jay did as told, collecting fresh power cores to swap out for his own.

          After what seemed like only a few minutes, the ship was almost completely packed full of rations and technology. It seemed as though there was barely enough room for the duo, but they just kept packing the vehicle with more goodies. They went back in for one last load.

          As they gathered the last of the doctors treasures, a team of humans rushed into the room, weapons ready and pointed at Aders. Even though no one was aiming at him, Jay had his weapon ready almost instantly, dropping whatever he had in his hands. Aders did the same, readying his shotgun.

The leader of the group stepped forward and raised his hands. “Listen, Aders… It doesn’t have to be like this. We just wa-”

          “Jay, fire!” Aders shouted. The android did so, firing his first shot into the leaders shoulder. “Kill him! Don’t maim him!” the doctor screamed as the leader fell to his knees. Jay hesitated, but did as instructed. He began to take aim at the others. Aders fired off a round from the shotgun, hitting one of the other humans. The blast of energy from the weapon melted the person instantly, leaving nothing behind but a smoldering pair of boots.

          There was a momentary pause as the others looked where their ally had once stood, then it was complete chaos and gunfire. The room quickly filled with a haze of burnt gunpowder.

          The duo began slaying the group of humans, slowly making their way towards the ship. Jay looked around for a moment, noticing that it seemed as though the people were everywhere. They reached the top of the stairs and peaked around the edge of the door frame. On the other side were 20-25 people, all with their sights aimed in the duo’s direction. They all opened fired all at once, bullets ricocheting off of the metal walls.

          Jay and the Doctor hid behind the metal wall, Aders chuckling slightly. There were a few screams from the group on the other side. “Benefit of having energy weapons; you don’t catch your own bullet.” Jay remained silent, disliking his creator even more.

          They both peaked out and unleashed a slurry of blasts at the group of people. Aders made a run for the ship, shouting for Jay to cover him. The android did so, switching his rifle to full automatic. His aim was true and equally deadly as he defended the doctor. They made it outside and Aders ran for the door of the ship. Jay, turned around, walking backwards towards the doctor as he continued fire upon the humans. They were everywhere in overwhelming numbers and soon enough they would be swamped if the duo didn't escape.

          Jay began to regret his decision of not telling the doctor of what he saw when he scanned the building earlier. At long last, they made it to the ship, Aders opening the door and boarding. The vehicle powered on and the automatic defenses took over. It rose from the ground and rained fire upon their attackers. The ship began to rise higher and higher.
          “Sir, I am not aboard yet.” Jay radioed.

          “I’m aware.” Stated the doctor in a cold monotone. “Activate program 75, protocol 3.”

          The ship darted away as the androids eyes glowed an amber color. His main system shut down and Jay went into lock-down mode.  The humans swarmed around him, not firing. The last thing he saw was the ship disappearing into the distance as his world darkened completely. Why?  Were his final thoughts.

Be back 09/22/18!
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