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          Kara Shorn, who is aged at 12 years old in the real world. She has blond hair and blue eyes, is rather slim and has two different appearances: one in the real world and one in Alexia. In Alexia, she is known as the Little Warrior! a fierce 16 year old who takes care of problems for whoever asks.

          The Little Warrior lives in Greenly village, which is about 2 days travel from the castle. Greenly village was built in the middle of a large clearing in the forest, hence the name. The Little Warrior has earned the right to own her own small cottage, where she lives alone aside from her horse, a few cats, and her dog.

          The dad, Steve, is in his mid thirties with a constant 5 o'clock shadow. He stands about 5'11, and likes to dress nicely. Think of a very well paid electrical engineer, because that's what he is. In Alexia, he is the king of the land, calling upon the Little Warrior in times of great need. He is known as King Nu Dour (No doer).

          The land is greatly forested. The castle has 3 larger courtyards. One for executions, one for public trials, and one for entertainment. 

          If you would like to begin your adventures with the Little Warrior before the animation, click the button below to start reading!

Chapter 1: Initiative

Join the Little Warrior to learn what taking initiative really means in life!

Chapter 2: Taming the Beast

Click hear to find out how Kara takes care of the dragon!

July 29, 2018

Follow Kara as she hunts down goblins that have been stealing from nearby villages! Click the button to read more!

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