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Not as it seems

          It was yet another sunny day for the land of Alexia, especially for Greenly village. Kara could be found under one of the biggest trees surrounding the town, reading one of her favorite novels: Hansel and Gretel. Skips wasn't too far off, enjoying the shade patch next to the little warrior. Her two cats had also joined in to lounge about in the sunny patches beneath the giant oak.

          Kara was so enthralled with her story, that she didn’t notice Toby walking up to her from the main road.

          “Hello!” he said, causing the little warrior to startle and jump to her feet.

          “Oh, hello Toby.” Kara responds, putting the book down to her side.

          “Wucha reading?” The messenger boy inquires.

          “Just one of my favorite stories… Nothing special. So, Mr.Toby, What brings you out to Greenly today?”

          Toby smacked his forehead. “Oh gee, I guess I almost forgot! The dark forest village is having issues with some goblins that live in the nearby forest. They say that they have been stealing food and clothing that has been left unattended and causing some general alarm. The townsfolk we wondering if you may be able to assist?”

          Kara mulled it over for a few seconds before giving a final response. “I will assist. Where was it again?” she asked, gathering the gear she had brought with her.

          “It was the dark forest village.”

          “Okay, thank you Mr.Toby. I guess I better be off in that direction then. Thank you kindly for informing me.” Kara said.

          “No problem!” Toby exclaimed as the little warrior hopped on Skips. And with that, she was off to make the half day journey to the dark forest.




          Once she arrived, Kara decided to find a place to bunker down for a nap before she sought out to fix the problem. The little warrior located a Sleepy Tavern and went inside to pay for a room.

After she had paid the fees, Kara decided to ask around to see what she could find out about these thieves. She soon finds out all the information she needs: they usually come at night, are not aggressive and appear to be quite impoverished. With this new found information, Kara began to formulate her plan for the goblins.

          The little warrior went off to find a place to hide while the last rays of the setting sun dwindled overhead. She thought about how stunningly beautiful it looked as she wandered through the town. The villagers were all heading off to their homes, hoping to sleep a sound night with the assistance of Kara. Some of them were even thanking her for her willingness to protect them in this time of need. Soon enough, all the villagers had gone to sleep, leaving the little warrior to work out the rest of her plan by herself.

          Later on, she found herself in the middle of a market courtyard, the displays of vegetables stretching further than she could see. Some of the stands even appeared to have fruit available as well. Kara made a mental note to return here during the day.

          Soon enough, things began to grow boring and her eyelids began to droop as the feeling of sleepiness took over. Just then, she heard some noise somewhere else in the marketplace. Kara stood and started towards the direction of the noise, drawing her sword in case it was needed. She approached the area where the noise was coming from, listening for more noises. There was a clattering noise and hushed chatter just around the corner from her. Quietly, the little warrior poked her head around the corner.

          Standing beneath a dying lantern stood 3 goblins, all dressed in what looked like rags. She noticed that they did indeed look quite ravished, and wondered how she may be able to help. Instead of intervening, Kara decided to sit back and watch. The goblins began to speak to each other.

The biggest one, which looked with worse for ware barely having anything close to resembling clothing, spoke first. “Don’t take anything they will notice… We just need enough to eat.” He said, picking up some squash from a stand he was next to.

          “What about nabbing some clothes El? What we have will disappear soon enough…” Spoke another, shorter goblin. She appeared to be the youngest of them all, with what looked to be a faded white nightgown.

          “Yeah El. Can we please nab some clothes?” Said the third, bouncing excitedly. This goblin appeared to be a younger male, maybe about 15 in age. All he was wearing were pants and Kara couldn't help but feel pity for the poor goblins.

          “We just can’t… These folk already have issues with us.” Argued El, putting some carrots into a pouch.

          At this moment, the little warrior decided to approach, putting away her sword and stepping from behind the corner. The three goblins screeched and scattered, heading for the forest.

          “Wait! I just want to talk!” Kara shouted to no avail. The three disappear into the depths of the forest. The little warrior slumped slightly, defeated. “Ahh shucks. Guess I’ll have to try again another night.” With that, she headed back to the Sleepy Tavern to catch some rest before the next night.




          Over the course of the next few days, the goblins did not return, fearing that Kara would fight them. They knew not that she planned otherwise, asking around the town for others to aid the goblins. She explained to a few shopkeepers about what she had heard, asking them if they could spare anything to help.

          Most refused, not wanting the goblins to think they could get things without working. However, Kara managed to get a few shopkeepers to help, as well as the owner of Sleepy Tavern. Together, they all planned out how to help the goblins get back on their feet.

          After three days of planning, the group lay hidden throughout the market, awaiting the goblins return. Soon enough, the goblins entered the market, moving cautiously.

          “Do you think she’s here tonight?” said the female goblin.

          “The little warrior has better things to do that track us down Ish.” Said El, scoping out the area. Kara was hidden in the shadows not far from them. She signaled the others to wait for a bit before moving in.

          “Last time she said she wanted to talk to us.” Said the boy goblin, looking over to El.

          “It’s probably a lie so she can capture us…”

          “Maybe she actually wants to help us El.” said Ish, running her hands down the nightgown.                      “Maybe she even wears my size and has stuff for me!” She exclaimed excitedly.

          “Shhhhh! Quiet!” El shouted in a tone slightly louder than normal talking. Kara Chose that moment to step from the shadows, signaling the others to do the same. The group of five blocked all the exits the goblins could take, causing the trio to go into a panic mode. All three fell to their knees, begging for mercy and not to lock them up in a jail. Kara frowned, a feeling of sadness taking over.

          “Please, quiet down.” She said, trying to quiet down the racket of the goblins. “We are only here to help you guys out, truly and honestly.” The 3 of them start to calm down slightly, looking around at all the humans.

          “Then why did you bring so many?” Asked El. Just then, one of the storekeepers stepped forward holding some garments.
          “We all offered to help you… I make garments for the people in this village. These are some extra I had, I hope they fit.” With that, he set the clothing at the feet of the goblins before backing up. The goblins stepped forward, picking up the clothes, but keeping an eye on the group.

          “T-thank you” Stammered El, putting on one of the shirts that lay before him. “But why are you helping us..?”

          “I may have overheard some of your chatter a few days ago.” Kara said. “I knew you guys meant no harm, so I convinced a few others to help me.” Kara nodded to the other shopkeepers.

One of them speaking “You guys are welcome to come work for me at my vegetable stand to help get things started…” He offered.

          “Or you can assist me with my garment making.” Said the first shopkeep.

          “See?” Kara said. “We mean you no harm, as you mean us no harm.”

The goblins all began to tear up, crying tears of pure happiness at the kindness of strangers. They all expressed their happiness by running about and hugging everyone and shouting “Thank you thank you” over and over.

          Kara shushed them. “Shh. there are others sleeping right now.” The goblins agreed, bouncing around with happiness.

          “Speaking of sleep…” Spoke up the owner of the Sleepy Tavern, “You are all welcome to stay in my inn until you have things figured out again.”

          “This is the best day, er, night ever!” Shouted Ish.

          “Shall we head there?” Suggested Kara.

          “Yes!” They all said in unison. And with that, the little warrior and the group of villagers all went back to the Sleepy Tavern, where they promptly fell asleep.




         Aaannnnd I'll tell you what happens tomorrow night sweetheart. You sleep well. Kara's father tucked her sleeping self into bed and kissed her forehead. Love you my Little Warrior.

Be back next week!
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