An even bigger update?

It's that time of the week again!!


This week; we added a narration, logo and song to the Little Warrior Chapter 1 Page. We also added story to the Jay 17 page, fixed some SEO issues, and added a Favicon (little picture at the top of the site)! Below you will also find our release schedule!

Be sure to check out the page updates:

*Tomorrow*, we will be uploading a Narration for Darkness Beyond Living and steaming Minecraft!

*Tuesday*, we will be streaming StartBound and uploading the first installment of Transmissions!

*Wednesday* is and audio workshop stream, and we will be adding new graphics to the site (There is a special 4th of July surprise as well)

*Thursday* Workshop live stream for PhotoShop

Friday, Saturday AND Sunday will be used to edit and update the website as well as work on projects!

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