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Universe Building

Kicking off post launch, our universe-building project is not just a one-year wonder—it's an ambitious journey we're embarking on. Alongside captivating YouTube videos that dive into specific aspects of our universe, we'll also be rolling out stories, comics, and a treasure trove of lore that adds depth to every facet of our creation. This first year sets the stage, but rest assured, our exploration and expansion will continue well beyond. Dive in with us and watch our universe unfold.

Our universe-building journey is a testament to passion, crafted during the cherished moments of free time around a full-time job. As we navigate the balance between dreams and reality, there's been a slight pause with our YouTube videos. However, by mid-September, anticipate them to make their debut. Though our pace might vary, rest assured, updates will be consistent. For a deeper dive into our tales, click the button below. Your patience and support fuel our ambition. Thanks for joining us on this odyssey!

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