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Learn about the characters!

A landing page for lore~

      You've immersed yourself in the comics, but who exactly are these intriguing characters? As you journey through the pages, you may find yourself curious about the stories and backgrounds that shape these heroes and heroines.

      Here at Dancing Penguin Studios, we invite you to explore and discover the unique backstories of each character. Whether it's the brave resolve of a lead protagonist or the mysterious allure of a supporting character, there's a tale waiting to be told.


Discover the Characters Behind the Comics

We will be adding each character's story one at a time, unveiling the depth, motivation, and complexity that brings them to life. It's an opportunity to deepen your connection with our universe and see the narratives through new eyes.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, so you don't miss any updates. Stay tuned, for the adventure is just beginning, and there are many characters waiting to be known.

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Meet The Characters


Din Le

Sovereign Leader

Mobile Phone Mock-ups



Mia Goran.png

Mia Goran

UEC Leader - Deceased

Mobile Phone Mock-ups



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