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Dr. Aders

SDEC Operative

Role within SDEC:

Lead Research Scientist

Years of service:

Current Status:

Retired - MIA

Date of Birth:

March 28, 2703

A bit about Dr.Aders

Dr. James Aders was born into a family of scientists in the year 2703. From a young age, he showcased an exceptional intellect and an unwavering passion for technology and innovation. He soared academically, securing degrees in physics, engineering, and computer science, and swiftly climbed the echelons of the SDEC's research division.

It was within this division that Dr. Aders encountered Jay, a cybernetic soldier recovering from severe battle injuries. Aders was familiar with the tales surrounding Jay, both his valor as a soldier and as the recipient of pioneering cybernetic enhancements. As years flowed, Aders and Jay formed a synergistic bond, with Aders continuously refining Jay's cybernetic upgrades, amplifying his combat potential.

In the annals of SDEC, Dr. Aders and Jay’s partnership is illustrious. The doctor evolved into one of Jay’s principal advisors and allies. Their combined prowess was instrumental in devising and realizing some of SDEC's most audacious missions, leveraging Jay's cybernetic edge to achieve victory.

Yet, amid accolades and achievements, Aders’s humility remained intact. His thirst for technological exploration never waned, constantly striving to redefine the realm of the feasible. While his collaborative endeavors with Jay achieved legendary status within SDEC, his distinction as an ingenious scientist and strategist echoed far and wide.

Time didn’t dampen Aders's ardor for the SDEC cause. His lifelong quest remained—to elevate the lives of its inhabitants and shield them from cosmic threats. Notwithstanding his triumphs, Dr. Aders is a figure of contention within the SDEC corridors. Detractors label him overly zealous, perhaps even merciless in his good intentions. In contrast, proponents laud his indomitable dedication to humanity's safety and prosperity.

After a distinguished tenure, Dr. Aders recently chose retirement, a decision that surprised many within the SDEC's ranks. However, rather than settling into a quiet life, the brilliant scientist embarked on a mysterious voyage into the uncharted expanses of the cosmos. The nature of his mission, and its correlation (if any) to the objectives of the SDEC, remains shrouded in secrecy.

While on his enigmatic journey, Dr. Aders maintained sporadic communication with Jay and the team, sharing tidbits of his explorations and discoveries. But as days morphed into weeks, the intervals between his transmissions grew disturbingly lengthy. Presently, several weeks have elapsed since anyone received a signal or message from him, fueling rising concerns about his safety and whereabouts.

The SDEC's inner circles are rife with whispers and speculations regarding Dr. Aders's sudden silence. A particularly insidious rumor gaining traction suggests that he might be in league, willingly or under duress, with a notorious criminal syndicate known as the Sovereign. Known for their ruthless strategies and covert operations, the Sovereign's influence in the galaxy is vast and menacing. If there's an iota of truth to these claims, the implications for the SDEC and the wider galaxy could be monumental.

The unease is palpable. Many within the SDEC hold Dr. Aders in the highest regard, and the very thought of him potentially aligning with their adversaries is unsettling. All eyes now look to Jay and the team, with hopes that their next communication with Dr. Aders will provide clarity amidst the swirling uncertainties.

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