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Josephine Scarlet (Jojo)

SDEC Operative

Role within SDEC:


Years of service:

Current Status:


Date of Birth:

July 18, 2744

A bit about Jojo

Jojo is a young woman with a lean and toned physique. She stands at around 5'7" with a muscular build that speaks to her years of training and experience. Her skin is a warm caramel color, and she has short curly hair that she often keeps tied back in a tight bun. Jojo's face is angular, with high cheekbones, a defined jawline, and a wide smile that highlights her white teeth. She has striking amber-colored eyes that seem to glow in certain lighting.


Jojo typically wears practical clothing that allows her to move easily, such as fitted jumpsuits and combat boots. She always carries a range of weapons and equipment with her, including a set of throwing knives and a custom-made electromagnetic pulse pistol that she built herself. Despite her tough exterior, Jojo has a caring heart and a strong sense of loyalty to her comrades, often going above and beyond to protect and support them in times of need.

Origin of Jojo

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On July 18, 2744, in the red Martian landscapes illuminated by a dust-filtered sunlight, Jojo was born. Mars, now a bastion of technological innovation, was the perfect environment for a young prodigy like Jojo. From the very start, it was clear that she had a unique bond with machinery. She wouldn't just play with toys; she'd dismantle, recalibrate, and reimagine them. By her teenage years, her room resembled less a typical dwelling and more a workshop brimming with cutting-edge inventions, some of which were her very own creations.

However, the universe has its cruel ways of balancing scales. In a fierce battle, a skirmish where she was an unintended casualty, Jojo sustained a grievous throat injury. Jay, who was actively participating in the fight, witnessed the horrifying moment.

Recognizing her perilous state amidst the chaos, he risked his own life to shield her and evacuate her to safety. This selfless act deeply impacted Jojo, sowing the seeds of profound admiration and possibly more—hints of a blooming crush on her savior.

The injury rendered Jojo mute, but she refused to be silenced.

Tapping into her unparalleled technical prowess, she developed a groundbreaking device that linked directly to the speech region of her brain. This invention interpreted her neural signals, and by leveraging advanced algorithms, it emitted tonal waves that closely mirrored human speech. Through this, Jojo not only reclaimed her voice but showcased an innovation that was years ahead of its time.

The Sagittarius Defense & Expansion Collective (SDEC) was quick to recognize her brilliance. It wasn’t long before she was brought on board to work alongside stalwarts like Jay and Tamel. Teaming up with Jay, the man who had once saved her life, was nothing short of a dream for Jojo. Over the past three years, their partnership had thrived. Their combined expertise formed a perfect symbiosis—Jay's leadership and experience complemented by Jojo's technical genius.

While Jojo might not have the commanding presence of a typical leader, her contributions are no less significant. She's the backbone, the silent force driving many of the team's successes. Happy to remain in the background and let others take the spotlight, Jojo's humility only further endears her to her peers.

Her decision to join SDEC was motivated by more than just career advancement. For Jojo, it was a chance at a brighter future, an opportunity to leverage her skills to bring about a better life for herself and countless others within the vast expanse of the galaxy. And as she looks to the stars, with Jay by her side, the universe seems full of infinite possibilities.

Recently, Jojo has been traversing a unique trajectory, even for someone of her unparalleled talents. Recognizing her invaluable expertise, the SDEC has always been strategic in its deployment of Jojo, ensuring she's kept safe from the primary line of fire. Her genius isn't just a resource for the team; it's a treasure for the entire galaxy.

While many might see this as a protective move, it's more about tactical prudence. Jojo is typically reserved for situations demanding her distinct technological prowess. Her insight into the interworkings of machines and systems is unparalleled. When there's a technological conundrum, an anomaly in the galaxy's vast digital expanse, or a machine that defies understanding, Jojo is summoned.

However, despite her primary role as a tech guru, Jojo's skills aren't confined to a lab. In the intense "Deep Contact" storyline, while the zone's inherent perils made it too treacherous for her to be on the frontlines, Jojo took on a pivotal role as the team's primary pilot. Maneuvering through nebulous space zones, evading enigmatic space anomalies, and ensuring her team's safe travels, Jojo showcased that her genius extended beyond her knack for tech. Her piloting abilities were not just about control but also about understanding the fabric of space, and it was evident she had a natural affinity for it.

Yet, the cosmos is ever mysterious, and even those who seem to have tamed its vastness can find themselves at its mercy. As of now, Jojo's whereabouts, along with those of Jay and Tamel, remain an enigma. Their last known position was in proximity to Earth before they vanished from all known tracking systems. The circumstances of their disappearance are shrouded in mystery, setting in motion a galactic search of epic proportions. The galaxy awaits with bated breath, hoping that its technological prodigy, along with her illustrious team, will re-emerge from the vast cosmic curtain.

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