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Mia Goran.png

Mia Goran

UEC Operator

Role within UEC:

Chancellor - Research Lead 

Years of service:

Current Status:


Date of Birth:

, 2384

A bit about Mia Goran

The legacy of Chancellor Mia Goran is one that resonates through the annals of interstellar history. Born on the planet Keplar, her golden locks and those penetrating brown/hazel eyes became synonymous with resilience, leadership, and sacrifice. Those who knew her spoke of a fierce intellect combined with a warmth that drew allies from across the galaxy.


Keplar, a lustrous planet bathed in cerulean and emerald hues, was a beacon of culture and progress in its corner of the galaxy. Its strategic position near Earth made it a nexus of interstellar diplomacy and trade. Mia's parents, prominent figures in Keplar's governance, ensured she was educated in both the arts and sciences, aiming to instill in her a holistic understanding of the universe. But their untimely demise when Mia was just 21 became the crucible in which her unyielding spirit was forged.

The establishment of the United Earth Coalition (UEC) in 2422 marked a new era. The SDECS's neglect of the colonies had created a vacuum, one that the UEC was eager to fill. Mia, recognizing the burgeoning potential of this coalition, aligned herself with its ethos and soon became one of its linchpins. The challenges the UEC faced were myriad, from internal power struggles to threats from the unexplored recesses of space. Yet, under Mia's guidance and her collaboration with figures like Jay, the UEC didn't just survive; it thrived.

Jay and Mia's partnership became legendary. Rumors spoke of their telepathic understanding, of battles won not by might, but by the sheer force of their combined intellect and strategy. As they defended the UEC from multiple skirmishes, their bond deepened, transcending professional camaraderie and evolving into a profound friendship, one rooted in mutual respect and trust.

However, the cosmos, in its infinite expanse, still held many secrets. In 2485, an uncharted ship appeared on Keplar's horizon. It hailed from a race unknown to the UEC's vast databases. Their intent: clear and malevolent. As battles raged and darkness loomed, Mia, ever the strategist, perceived an opportunity.

In a chamber deep within Keplar's core, ancient technology — remnants of a long-forgotten civilization — lay dormant. Mia, having studied the legends, believed it held the power to repel, if not obliterate, the invaders. But activating it came at a terrible price.

As Keplar's defenses waned, Mia, with Jay at her side, made her way to the chamber. The ensuing moments were a blur of emotion and energy. Mia, tapping into the ancient device, merged her essence with it. A radiant pulse emanated from Keplar, a wave of pure energy that swept across space, obliterating the alien armada. But when the luminescence faded, Mia was gone.

Jay, heartbroken yet proud, memorialized Mia in the heart of the UEC's capital. A monument, not just of stone and metal, but of stories, of her laughter, her wisdom, her sacrifices. Mia Goran, the girl from Keplar, had become the galaxy's eternal guardian, her legend whispered from star to star, inspiring countless generations to come.

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