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Jay Mo. 17

SDEC Operative

Role within SDEC:


Years of service:

Current Status:


Date of Birth:

July 31, 2405

A Bit About Jay

Jay is a cyborg with a human brain, nervous system and heart (though this is not entirely visible). His mechanical body is sleek and streamlined, with a dark metallic finish. He is about 6'6 (about 196-202cm) tall and has a slightly muscular build. His arms and legs are long and agile, designed for quick movements and powerful strikes. His face is human-shaped, with sharp features and piercing blue eyes. His "skin" is metallic and his mouth is made of a malleable material that can adjust to his speech patterns. Overall, Jay is a formidable sight to behold, with a deadly combination of human intelligence and cyborg strength.

Jay was born on Earth in the year 2405. He joined the Sagittarius Defense & Expansion Collective (SDEC) military and eventually became a highly decorated soldier and officer. Over the course of his long and distinguished career, he fought in numerous battles against the enemies of the SDEC, often taking on highly challenging missions and facing great danger. Despite sustaining serious injuries on several occasions, Jay remained committed to his duties and the cause of the SDEC, earning a reputation as a highly skilled and fearless leader. He eventually rose to the rank of General and played a key role in many important battles and operations.

Origins of Jay

Jay's transformation into a cyborg marked a pivotal moment in his life and career as a soldier within the SDEC military. Once a promising young soldier known for his bravery and strategic thinking, Jay's life took a dramatic turn during a mission on a foreign planet when he was caught in a devastating blast from an enemy weapon. The injuries he sustained were so severe that his life hung in the balance.

That was when Dr. Aders, a brilliant scientist and engineer, came forward with a radical proposal that could save Jay's life: to turn him into a cyborg. At first, Jay was hesitant, as he had heard unsettling stories of cyborgs malfunctioning or losing control of their robotic enhancements. However, Dr. Aders assured him that his technology was different. He had developed a groundbreaking neural interface that would seamlessly integrate the human brain with robotic parts, preserving Jay's identity and sense of self.

With little choice but to trust in this daring solution, Jay agreed to undergo the procedure. The transformation into a cyborg was a grueling process that spanned weeks, but in the end, Jay emerged with a robotic arm, a leg, and multiple implants throughout his body that significantly enhanced his strength, speed, and sensory perception.

The initial adjustment to his new cyborg body proved overwhelming for Jay. The flood of new sensations and capabilities challenged his understanding of self, but Dr. Aders stood by his side, providing unwavering support and guidance. 

As Jay learned to embrace his augmented form, he discovered that his cyborg enhancements could be harnessed to great advantage in combat, making him an even more effective and formidable soldier.

In time, Jay's courage and prowess as a soldier became legendary within the SDEC military. His transformation into a cyborg symbolized his indomitable resilience and unwavering dedication to humanity's cause. He was the embodiment of someone willing to sacrifice everything for the protection of humanity from its enemies.

As the years passed and the battles took their toll, more and more of Jay's human components whittled away, leaving him predominantly robotic by the year 2778. Only his heart, brain, nervous system, and consciousness remained as remnants of his original human form. Throughout his journey, Jay continued to serve as an inspiration to his fellow soldiers, demonstrating that a person's strength lies not just in their physical form but also in their unyielding spirit and determination.

As Jay approached his 350th birthday, a shadow began to fall over the once vibrant and passionate soldier. Over the years, the weight of countless battles and the passage of time had taken a toll on his spirit. The loss of friends, mentors, and loved ones had left him emotionally drained, and he found it increasingly difficult to connect with the same fervor to the beliefs that once drove him.

These days, Jay often felt like he was performing his missions on autopilot. The fire that once burned inside him was flickering, replaced by a numbness that seemed to distance him from the world around him. He still served with the SDEC, respected and admired, but the sense of purpose that had once driven him had dulled. "The Main Divide" had only exacerbated Jay's internal struggle. The separation of the SDEC and UEC had left him grappling with conflicting emotions and questioning the very foundation of the cause he had dedicated his life to. The realization that humanity's goals were now divided and divergent made him wonder if his efforts had ever truly made a difference.

During his secret missions to distant planets, Jay went through the motions, but the passion that had once fueled his actions seemed to have waned. He performed his duties with precision and skill, but there was a growing detachment from the outcomes. The connections he had formed with his crewmates, including Tamel, were still present, but they felt like distant echoes of the past.

In the midst of alien encounters and diplomatic negotiations, Jay struggled to summon the empathy and understanding that had once come so naturally to him. He found himself going through the motions, making decisions based on logic and strategy rather than the compassion that had guided him in the past.

Jay's cybernetic enhancements, once a source of strength, now seemed to contribute to his emotional detachment. The line between man and machine blurred, and he felt like a mere shell of the person he once was. The memories of his past achievements and the lives he had touched felt distant, as if they belonged to someone else entirely.

Despite the emptiness that gnawed at him, Jay continued to be revered as a living legend among the SDEC. His outward appearance remained strong and capable, and he was still respected for his wisdom and experience. But inside, he felt like an echo of his former self, a flickering flame struggling to stay alight.

As he journeyed through the galaxy, Jay tried to find solace in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. He sought answers to the questions that plagued him, hoping that rediscovering his purpose would reignite the passion he had lost.

Jay's struggle was a silent one, known only to him and the deepest corners of his consciousness. He yearned for the days when he had believed so fervently in the cause, when his heart had been full of compassion and determination. But now, as the universe continued to evolve around him, he grapples with the uncertain path ahead, unsure if he would ever find his way back to the person he used to be.

Jay is currently MIA, last pinpointed near Earth. His mission appears to have forced him into hiding, but the specifics remain unclear and the Sagittarius Defense & Expansion Collective (SDEC) is uncertain about his actual fate. Adding to the mystery is a recent lack of communications with Earth, leaving the SDEC to speculate and worry. The organization's concerns are growing, driven by both Jay's disappearance and the sudden communications blackout, leading to fears that a more significant event might be unfolding. Efforts to understand and address the situation are ongoing within the SDEC, but so far, they've yielded more questions than answers.

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