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Dr. Si Lone

SDEC Command

Role within SDEC:

Director of Operations

Years of service:

Current Status:

Alive - SDEC HQ

Date of Birth:

December 18, 2722

A bit about Dr.Si Lone

Dr. Si Lone, a scion of the venerable Lone family, was born in 2722 on an isolated SDEC colony planet. Her family lineage, steeped in tradition and distinction, has been intricately tied to the SDEC's leadership tapestry for generations. The Lones have donned leadership mantles throughout the ages, and Si was no exception. The weight of her forebearers' legacy was a torch she bore with pride and determination.

From a tender age, Si's inherent brilliance shone through, especially in the fields of science and technology. This proclivity was undoubtedly influenced by her parents, both of whom were esteemed scientists in their own right. Under their tutelage, Si developed a profound appreciation for the enigmas of the universe, delving deep into its secrets with an insatiable curiosity. Her academic pursuits were a testament to her talents, with her excelling particularly in the intricate domains of mathematics and physics.

Following her rigorous educational journey, Si initiated her professional odyssey with the SDEC, immersing herself in research. Her work traversed a spectrum of subjects, from the primordial origins of the cosmos to avant-garde technological breakthroughs. It wasn't long before her innovative research, particularly her strides in quantum mechanics, etched her name among the luminaries of the SDEC.

Her sterling reputation garnered the attention of the SDEC’s military branch. Dr. Lone's unique expertise became the cornerstone of numerous classified projects, encompassing the genesis of cutting-edge weaponry and unrivaled defense systems.

By 2774, in recognition of her unmatched proficiency, coupled with the legacy she represented, Si was elevated to a pivotal role within the SDEC: the Director of Operations. This position, imbued with considerable power and responsibility, tasked her with overseeing the development, implementation, and coordination of advanced technologies and strategic initiatives. As the Director, she played an instrumental role in shaping the SDEC's direction, ensuring its continuous dominance within the galactic arena.

Dr. Si Lone's ascent within the SDEC wasn't solely attributable to her immense expertise. It was equally a reflection of her undying commitment and her unwavering vision for the future. She consistently championed initiatives to safeguard humanity and fortify the SDEC's strategic capabilities. Her sterling contributions, both as a leader and a visionary, have been acknowledged with numerous accolades, affirming her position as one of the most impactful and revered leaders in the annals of the SDEC.

Dr. Si Lone's association with Jay and his team was emblematic of the harmonious confluence of strategy and science. Recognizing Jay's unique abilities and his team's unparalleled field expertise, Si often liaised with them, providing scientific insights to bolster their operational effectiveness. Their combined efforts had led to several successful missions, with Jay's hands-on approach seamlessly integrating with Si's visionary strategies.

Furthermore, Dr. Lone's collaboration with Dr. Aders was especially transformative for the SDEC. Both shared a mutual respect for each other’s expertise, with Si valuing Dr. Aders' unmatched knowledge in cybernetics and technology. Together, they initiated a series of cutting-edge research projects aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the 'dark sectors' - the elite, covert operatives of the SDEC. Their shared vision was clear: to redefine and streamline the operational behaviors of these agents, ensuring they were not only the sharpest tools in the SDEC's arsenal but also the most efficient.

One of their crowning achievements was the development of a neural interface that allowed the dark sector agents to communicate silently and instantaneously. Dr. Aders' technological prowess, paired with Dr. Lone's meticulous planning, resulted in an innovation that revolutionized covert operations. Their collaborations effectively melded the frontlines with the research labs, ensuring the SDEC's dominance was maintained, both in terms of technological advancement and strategic prowess.

Dr. Si Lone currently holds her position within the fortified walls of the SDEC HQ. Ever since her ascent to the role of Director of Operations, she rarely ventures out, a conscious decision taken to safeguard the invaluable mind that has been pivotal to SDEC's success. The vast corridors of the HQ and the hum of its machinery are now more familiar to her than the starlit skies of the outer worlds.

Her office, bathed in the soft glow of myriad screens, stands as a testament to her dedication. Packed with state-of-the-art technology, it is here that she immerses herself in data charts, and cascading streams of real-time information. Each line of data, each ripple in the communication channels, speaks to her, and she decodes, deliberates, and directs based on these intricate patterns.

However, a shadow of concern has begun to loom over Dr. Lone. The recent communication blackout from Earth has left an unsettling void in the steady hum of information she's accustomed to. Every silent channel is a stark reminder of the uncertainties that the cosmos offers. While she continues her relentless pursuit of answers, deep down, a kernel of fear takes root, fearing that this silence might herald an impending storm.

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