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Welcome to Dancing Penguin Studios

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Welcome to DPS

      Greetings from Dancing Penguin Studios! I'm Travis W. Crandall, at the helm of this vibrant studio, supported by a brilliant network of freelancers.

     Rekindling my passion for production media, I've jumped back into the fray after a brief hiatus. Though the break might have paused my industry engagement, it certainly didn't dull my skills. As the lead writer and primary source of creative ideation, I'm poised to bring you a dynamic mix of content.

     Expect a steady stream of engaging videos, captivating pictures, and imaginative comics. The growth trajectory of Dancing Penguin Studios is promising, and I'm thrilled to continue this journey with you all. Stay tuned for the exciting adventures we have in store!

     Among our current projects, we have some old ones, which are available here to view. Sadly, these projects will either not be moving forward or will not be used, but you are welcome to look at it here!

     To learn more about our projects, click the button below!

     But wait, that's not all! We have loads of universe building content lined up, comics being finalized and a few other surprises up our sleeves! We don't have a set schedule yet, but stay tuned for July 31st of this year! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud to stay updated!



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We're proud to announce that we have several comics, videos and stories currently in the works!

Starting on July 31st, 2023, we will be posting regular content weekly for everyone to enjoy!

Want to know more? Click "Learn more"!


"Big results require big ambitions"

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