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Tamel Carter

SDEC Operative

Role within SDEC:


Years of service:

Current Status:


Date of Birth:

May 5, 2744

A bit about Tamel

     Tamel is a tall and slender woman with sharp features, dark toned skin, and an athletic build. Standing at around 5'11", her hazel eyes seem to change with her mood, and her long curly hair adds a touch of elegance to her otherwise practical and no-nonsense style. Her deep-set eyes and full lips, often set in a determined expression, combine with her dark complexion to create a striking appearance.

     Tamel's several tattoos, including one on her neck and one on her right bicep, hint at a rebellious and independent streak. She favors practical and durable clothing that allows for ease of movement and is always equipped with a range of weapons and tools for her missions. A distinctive scar on her right thigh, received during an early mission, is a testament to her resilience and determination.

     Despite her tough exterior, Tamel has a sharp mind and a caring heart. She is fiercely loyal to those she considers family, embodying a blend of strength and compassion that makes her both an effective leader and a trusted friend.

Origin of Tamel

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     Tamel was born in the year 2744 on an unnamed, distant planet on the outer rim of SDEC-controlled space. This world was a haven for a group of rebels who operated outside the SDEC's jurisdiction, making use of the harsh and rugged environment. Growing up on this planet was a daily struggle for survival, and Tamel quickly learned to be resourceful, self-reliant, and intuitive.

     Tragedy struck when she was only 13, as both of her parents perished under circumstances tied to the rebel operations. Left to fend for herself, Tamel's survival instincts drove her to join the rebels, fighting alongside them in various skirmishes and learning the ways of combat.

     Her natural talent for martial arts and weapon handling blossomed as she trained with the rebels. She became known as a fierce and skilled fighter, honing abilities that would serve her well in the years to come.

     At the age of 19, Tamel's prowess caught the attention of the SDEC's military, who saw potential in her raw talent and fierce determination. Recruited into their ranks, she underwent rigorous training to become a soldier as well as special reconnaissance. 

She was soon sent on numerous missions across the galaxy, rapidly gaining a reputation as a highly skilled and effective operative.

     Despite her successes, Tamel's independent and rebellious nature often clashed with her superiors, reflecting her roots with the rebels. Over time, however, she began to form close bonds with fellow soldiers, including Jay and Jojo, who became her closest friends and allies.

     Together, they embarked on some of the most dangerous missions in the galaxy, defying orders when they felt it was right, and forging a reputation for audacity and strategic prowess. Tamel's caring heart and loyalty to her comrades belied her rough exterior, and she was often willing to risk her life to protect those she considered family.

     Tamel's unique upbringing, combined with her independent spirit and unbreakable determination, have made her a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the battlefield. Her experiences with the rebels on her home planet have shaped her into the soldier she is today, and she continues to strive for excellence, guided by the lessons of her past and the values that have defined her life. Her journey is far from over, and she remains committed to her mission and the ideals she holds dear.

     In recent times, Tamel has found herself in a uniquely enigmatic phase of her career. Teaming up with Jay, a seasoned operative with over 340 years of service, and Jojo, they have embarked on a string of missions that have progressively become weirder and more unexplainable. Jay's vast experience and seasoned leadership guide the team, as tasks and objectives involved in these missions diverge from the typical SDEC protocol.

     These peculiar missions, led by Jay's wisdom and intuition, have taken them to numerous uncharted territories and complex situations. They've challenged not only Tamel's skills but also her understanding of the very nature of her work within the SDEC. Despite the increasing uncertainty and the unsettling nature of their assignments, Tamel's resilience and unwavering commitment to the mission have been steadfast.

     The latest information places Tamel, along with Jay and Jojo, near Earth, following a mission that has become one of the most enigmatic yet. Communication with the team has been sporadic, and the details remain shrouded in secrecy. Currently, their status is unknown. The SDEC has lost track of their location, and efforts to reestablish contact have so far proved unsuccessful.

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