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Deep Contact - Ft. Jay & Tamel

Embark on an uncharted adventure with Jay and Tamel, two of our main protagonists, as they venture into the unknown to confront a perplexing cybernetic race. Dispatched on an exploration mission, they stumble upon a challenge that neither could have anticipated. Their resolve and teamwork are put to the ultimate test as they fight for survival and attempt to escape with their lives. As they delve deeper, they uncover a cryptic enigma, leaving them with more bewildering questions than the answers they initially sought.

The unfolding of this story is planned to coincide with our proof of concept video, which has regrettably been postponed to an unspecified date due to unforeseen complications with our animators. However, despite these setbacks, we are committed to ensuring that you can still immerse yourself in the tale while we diligently address our animation challenges. Your patience and support mean everything to us as we strive to bring this exciting narrative to life! New pages will be added EVERY WEEK!

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