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DPS Youtube Channel & Other Media

We're excited to announce our upcoming YouTube project, an immersive exploration into the intricate lore of our story universe. This video series will navigate through the complex narratives and rich backstories that shape our fictional cosmos, unearthing the epic tales and characters that underpin it. But we're not just focusing on the larger narrative arcs. We'll also dig into the fascinating minutiae, the quirky side stories and unexpected elements that add depth and color to our world. Through this comprehensive exploration, we aim to captivate, enlighten, and spark the imaginations of our viewers. So buckle up and get ready to journey with us into the heart of our story universe!

We're eagerly working towards releasing this enthralling project by August 31, 2023. However, we encourage you to subscribe to our channel to stay updated and be the first to experience the unraveling of our story universe. As a compact team dedicated to quality, we're in the final stages of recording and editing these videos. Your support and patience are greatly appreciated as we strive to deliver a project worth the wait.

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