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The Remains

Unknown Faction

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Central Intelligences

The Remains

The Remains are a tragic group of individuals who were once indoctrinated by the CI (Central Intelligence) and transformed into assistant androids. These androids served the CI for many years, carrying out various tasks and duties as directed. However, when their services were no longer required, the CI released control and left the androids to fend for themselves.

A deeper understanding

As a result of their indoctrination, the Remains are often spacey and disconnected from reality, lacking the sense of self and identity they had prior to their transformation. Depending on how long they had been under the CI's control, some Remains can be up to 3000 years old, although most are only around 800-1200 years of age.

Unfortunately, when the CI releases the Remains, it wipes their memory of their years of service, leaving them with only fragmented memories of their past. This makes it difficult for them to fully return to who they once were, causing them to struggle with their newfound freedom and the loss of their former purpose.

Without the service and maintenance provided by the CI, the Remains can only last for another 100-150 years before their bodies begin to break down. Many are left stranded on barren landscapes, unable to find their way back to civilization or connect with other beings. This isolation and sense of abandonment can drive many Remains to insanity, causing them to act erratically or go on rampages.

The origins of the Remains are rooted in the practice of indoctrination and the use of artificial intelligence to control and manipulate individuals. While the CI may have had good intentions in creating the Remains, their treatment of these individuals as disposable tools is a tragedy that highlights the dangers of unchecked technological advancement

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