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The Collection

Benevolent Force

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Collective Intelligence Structure

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More about The Collection

In the vast expanse of the galaxy, few entities evoke as much intrigue and wonder as The Collection. This entity, a conglomeration of advanced nano-particulate lifeforms, is a testament to the marvels of evolution. Over countless eons, they have gradually transitioned into this sophisticated state, a decision believed to have been taken to optimize their societal harmony, communication, and sustainability. This unique evolutionary choice underscores their immense capacity for long-term thinking and adaptability. It is whispered in scientific circles that their origins or connections might trace back to mysterious ancient relics like the CI and Beacon Spires. These very artifacts have spurred decades of fervent research within the walls of institutions like the SDEC and UEC.

The profound impact of The Collection on humanity's trajectory can't be understated. The "Formation", a monumental event in our species' history, wasn't just influenced by them—it was catalyzed by their subtle touch. This turning point set humanity on a path of rapid progress and evolution. Moreover, it became the foundational stone upon which the SDEC was built. The legacy of The Collection's influence isn't about bestowing ready-made tools or advanced machinery to fledgling civilizations. No, their ethos runs deeper. They believe in potential. Instead of granting technology, they release precise streams of data, intellectual blueprints if you will, nudging civilizations towards discoveries, letting them connect the dots, fostering innovation from within.

Their modus operandi has led to a myriad of speculations. Some perceive The Collection as cosmic custodians, eternal sentinels observing the tapestry of the universe unfold, taking steps only when absolutely necessary. Others, more skeptical, ponder if these entities are playing a long game, orchestrating events in line with a grand cosmic strategy that remains unfathomable to us.


This nuanced method of intervention—this choice to guide rather than give—has been a topic of considerable debate across the cosmos. On one hand, the SDEC and other bodies hold them in reverence, grateful for the indirect enlightenment that triggered waves of innovation. On the other, there's an undercurrent of frustration, especially among those who yearn for concrete assets, for tangible leaps in technology. But The Collection remains unyielding in their approach, seemingly convinced that true progress is born from introspection, exploration, and self-driven advancement.


The Collection, with its captivating enigma, remains a lighthouse in the vast cosmic ocean. Their actions might seem cryptic, their decisions puzzling, but there's an underlying current of benevolence, a silent promise that as long as they're around, the galaxy might always tilt towards hope and progress.

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